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We at Carley Communications believe that support and service is crucial to a successful  relationship.

Our experience and value added services will enrich your experience and build a solid foundation on which to base a successful relationship.

We can offer the complete solution if that is what you require or a tailored solution  to meet your specific and individual requirements.  Our portfolio of products and services are extensive and allow you to choose services to fit your organization.

Full Cabling Services
Our supported vendors.

Engineering levels. –
We have a range of Engineers and Levels to meet you every need.

Engineering Locations. –
We have Engineers at all levels and location in and outside the UK.

European Network Maintenance. –
Carley Communications is fast becoming recognised as one of the leading IT support Service providers across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. Carley Communications’s Technology portfolio includes WAN, LAN, Security and IP Telephony incorporating all the leading network vendors.

Caring for your Network. –
As a support services provider Carley Communications understands the importance of Customer requirements. Equipped with a strong technical and support team, Carley Communications is able to offer a competitive pricing model, a highly qualified Technical team and an unrivalled level of service. Supporting industry leading vendors Including Cisco, 3Com, Nortel, Juniper, IBM, HP and Extreme Networks means Carley Communications is vendor independent and is continually investing in training technical teams to the highest standards.

Cisco Support Services Overview.

Managed Services. –
By proactively monitor your network in a real time converged environment. This approach ensures the reduction of downtime, increasing availability and operational efficiency of your business. Delivering and maintaining effective ICT requires specialist skills and resources that are often difficult to provide In-house, especially when organisations lose their experienced support staff and new technologies are constantly being adopted. A Managed Service enables you to survive the ‘peaks and troughs’ of running a business, providing you with a vehicle to exceed service delivery mitigate risk and increase the visibility of your network infrastructure.

Network Maintenance Services. –
We are committed to delivering the highest standards in support services by providing you with unrivalled levels of service and support in order to minimise downtime and increase operational efficiency. All Carley Communications support services are delivered through a single-point-of-contact utilising the comprehensive range of skills and resources within dedicated 24/7 technical assistance centre.

Network Optimisation Testing. –
As businesses search for more efficient and cost effective technology solutions to meet their strategic objectives there is increased pressure on IT departments to optimise their existing infrastructure. This has resulted in an increasing trend of organizations adopting more holistic approach to their communications needs through installing a single IP based unified network.

Server & Desktop Support. –
In today’s complex business environment companies are faced with continuous technology and industry changes that are directing increased pressure on IT departments and associated budgets. IT professionals have to be flexible enough to be able to react to these changes quickly and efficiently to ensure that networks remain operational. Carley Communications offers our clients a full range of server and desktop support services that can be utilised to fulfill your ever changing network requirements.

Service Desk. –
This is a comprehensive, scalable IT Service Desk designed to provide a 24/7 support service. Using the Carley Communications Service Desk ensures you can easily streamline IT service processes as well as manage the IT service life cycle through comprehensive service level management capabilities. Carley Communications Service Desk provides effective controls for critical service support and service delivery processes.

Service Levels. –
Covering devices from all the leading networking vendors that include routers, switches, desktops, laptops and servers, Carley Communications have the technical expertise to successfully respond to a variety of networking scenarios. The devices Carley Communications support span across many different technologies such as IP Voice, Unified Communications, Servers & Desktops, Wireless and Security which are all maintained by a comprehensive infrastructure of experienced technical teams. These can be tailored for your specific and individual Service levels to meet your network requirements.

Unified Communications. –
This feature rich integration through Unified Communications enables growth and efficiency by smart working. Most of us agree that integrating our voice, data, video and mobile communications across single network is a fundamental factor for businesses that are looking tostreamline their technology infrastructure. By adopting a single network approach employees also have the added benefit of 24/7 accessibility whatever their location or preferred technology device, ensuring that companies can adjust to demands quickly and efficiently.

Repair services. –
Unfortunately it is a fact of life that things breakdown, and when they do it is inconvenient.That is why we believe our repair facility is a critical function within Carley Communications’s complete services offering.

Data Cabling Infrastructure. –
All of the above has a total reliance on a part of the network that is very seldomly referred to, that is The “communications infrastructure” or to be more specific the data cabling. This is the foundation that A successful network is built upon and must be category compliant and fit for purpose. Carley Communications can inspect, audit and test the infrastructure to check its compliance and fitness to perform its function. We can test all or parts of the infrastructure as required, Copper or Fibre Optic to industry and system manufacturer specifications. The investment you make in having this audit carried out can have a significant payback when deciding on network upgrades, expansion and enhancements. See our data cabling section for more information.

IT Disposal. –
In a world of increased waste and environmental legislation the disposal and recycling of PC components, IT hardware and all types of redundant computer equipment has put growing pressure on companies to dispose of IT equipment in an environmentally friendly way.

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