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Legacy Technologies

What is meant by legacy technologies ?

Legacy technologies are proven tested and dependant methods of communications operations. If it is not broken do not try to fix it. But time marches on and the ability to maintain older infrastructure and technologies  becomes more difficult. We can help,  as our experience, knowledge and partners can assist in the ongoing support or assist in migrating the systems onto current technology platforms.

This market could be deemed as niche one particular partner of Carley Communications is NSG Datacom not only understand the older technology’s but have a proven track record in providing current technology solutions for legacy applications as well as new and cutting edge solutions for today’s market.

There is a very successful  legacy range of Dynetcom (formerly Dynatech) X25 products currently manufactured by NSG Datacom in the USA called CPX.

These trusted & reliable range of products  are NOT end of life. Dynatech products  fall into two categories Patching & Switching and Communications Hardware. The CPX family of X25 products is a very reliable, sturdy and currently available product and are currently used extensively in the Security, Banking and Utility arena’s.

If you have any of the equipment illustrated please contact us as we can provide service and support to suit your individual requirements and if you want to explore integration or upgrading to current technology platforms but retaining the same reliability call or email us without obligation.

Dynatech (Dynetcom) CPX Pad’s or Switches
These are reliable gray boxes. These devices  transport data over WAN networks using the X25 protocol. Dynetcom’s family of packet switching products includes switches, Pad’s and switching Pad’s. There are a wide variety of products that can be configured to meet all users needs.

TURBO products are designed to switch, concentrate and transport legacy and transaction oriented data efficiently over packet based networks such as TCP/IP, Frame Relay and X.25. The TURBO products support native implementations of a variety of transaction protocols for Point of Sale, Utility (SCADA), Telemetry and Lottery systems as well as a wide range of other legacy protocols such as SNA, Bisync, Asynch, Uniscope, Burroughs Poll Select and more. Protocols are software selectable on a port-by-port basis and are true protocol emulations.

For the uninitiated, you ask what is a protocol the textbook answer is protocols are sets of rules and standards for data communication.

Patching & Switching Products
These are specialist products which fall into several categories Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Enterprise Access Systems (EAS) & Cnsole Control. Visit www.nsgdata.com/dynetcom/index.html for more detailed information

Other products in the NSG stable can be viewed at www.nsgdata.com

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